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B-Movie Cast

Hello and Welcome to the B-Movie Cast website:

The B-Movie Cast is a website podcast and forum devoted all things B-movie and cult move related.

On this website we will talk about B-Movies, Cult moves, Interviews, Art house, Independent, Drive-In, Horror, Biker Euro Trash, DVD, Magazines, Music, Tradeshows, Expos, Italian thrillers, Exploitation, Vintage TV, Gear and Pop Culture”

I’m a monster kid raised in the 50s and 60s. I spent a large amount of time in the big one screen theatres with balconies and beautiful décor. I can remember many Saturdays when my parents would drop off my friends and I and we would spend all day watching the Universal monsters along with all the giant atomic bugs and sci-fi films in a theatre filled with nothing but screaming kids. I can also remember my grandmother taking me to see “Horrors of the Black Museum” and waking up with nightmares! Back then going to the movies was an event.

Over the years I never lost my love for classic horror and sci-fi films. So with that in mind, I thought I would start this podcast and talk about the films I love. Over the years we have built a great community of people from around the globe. Some I have met and found that they are fantastic people.

So I hope you enjoy the podcast!

Vince Rotolo

May 31, 2015

Out for all he can take, seduce, or get away with... 

This week at The B-Movie Clubhouse Nic is out this week so we have our friend from the UK Adrian Smith setting in. This week we picked I film that I’ve wanted to talk about for some time. That film is Danger Diabolik from 1968. The film was directed by Mario Bava...

May 24, 2015

Who are these unholy savages who hunt out their victims by sound alone?

This week at The B-Movie Clubhouse we have a special guest. It’s Rod Barnett from The Bloody Pit and Naschy Cast podcasts! Rod’s pick this week is a Spanish horror film Tombs of the Blind Dead from 1972. The film was directed by Amando de...

May 17, 2015

The other Big G is back!

This week at The B-Movie Clubhouse I thought it was time for a Giant Monster film so I picked Gamera: Guardian of the Universe from 1995.


A hibernating species of giant carnivorous bird is awakened on a Japanese island shortly after the Japanese military encounters an unidentified mass moving...

May 10, 2015



This week at The B-Movie Clubhouse Nic thought it would be a good idea if we talk about Mad Max (1979) and Mad Max 2 The Road Warrior (1981) because of the upcoming release of Mad Max: Fury Road on May 15th. Both films where directed by George Miller and star Mel...

May 3, 2015

Lee Van Cleef at his meanest!


This week at The B-Movie Clubhouse our friend from the U.K. photographer Mark Mawston works with Arrow Films and he was nice enough to send us some new Arrow U.S.A. Releases. So this week we are talking about a Spaghetti Western called Day of Anger from 1967. The film stars Lee Van Cleff...