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B-Movie Cast

Hello and Welcome to the B-Movie Cast website:

The B-Movie Cast is a website podcast and forum devoted all things B-movie and cult move related.

On this website we will talk about B-Movies, Cult moves, Interviews, Art house, Independent, Drive-In, Horror, Biker Euro Trash, DVD, Magazines, Music, Tradeshows, Expos, Italian thrillers, Exploitation, Vintage TV, Gear and Pop Culture”

I’m a monster kid raised in the 50s and 60s. I spent a large amount of time in the big one screen theatres with balconies and beautiful décor. I can remember many Saturdays when my parents would drop off my friends and I and we would spend all day watching the Universal monsters along with all the giant atomic bugs and sci-fi films in a theatre filled with nothing but screaming kids. I can also remember my grandmother taking me to see “Horrors of the Black Museum” and waking up with nightmares! Back then going to the movies was an event.

Over the years I never lost my love for classic horror and sci-fi films. So with that in mind, I thought I would start this podcast and talk about the films I love. Over the years we have built a great community of people from around the globe. Some I have met and found that they are fantastic people.

So I hope you enjoy the podcast!

Vince Rotolo

Apr 26, 2020

The B-Movie Cast is back and this episode Mary and Nic are joined by filmmaker Brian Cunningham. We’re excited to say to the listeners “Hey Beastmaster is on!” That’s right, Mary hasn’t had enough guys in loin clothes yet! First, it was “Ator: The Fighting Eagle” then it was “Yor: Hunter from the...

Apr 18, 2020

The B-Movie Cast is back! Mary, Nic and Juan are checking out the 1951 Sci-Fi classic “When Worlds Collide”! This film helped set the bar for science fiction in the 1950s and still holds up today! Get your rocket ship ready because when worlds collide you don’t want to be stuck her on Earth!  So grab a drink, warm...

Apr 11, 2020

In this episode of the B-Movie Cast Mary and Nic are joined by Juan. The 70s and 80s are great and all, but it was time to head back to our B-Movie roots. We looked at the films we’d covered and realized that there were a couple of startling holes in our 50s’ movie coverage. One of them was the classic film “This...

Apr 4, 2020

The B-Movie Cast is back… sort of. We recorded a few episodes in preparation for Mary going off the air for 6-8 weeks during the nuclear plant shutdown she works at called ‘the outage’. What we didn’t know when we put these episodes ‘in the can’ was that Mary would be opting out of doing the outage this year...