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B-Movie Cast

Hello and Welcome to the B-Movie Cast website:

The B-Movie Cast is a website podcast and forum devoted all things B-movie and cult move related.

On this website we will talk about B-Movies, Cult moves, Interviews, Art house, Independent, Drive-In, Horror, Biker Euro Trash, DVD, Magazines, Music, Tradeshows, Expos, Italian thrillers, Exploitation, Vintage TV, Gear and Pop Culture”

I’m a monster kid raised in the 50s and 60s. I spent a large amount of time in the big one screen theatres with balconies and beautiful décor. I can remember many Saturdays when my parents would drop off my friends and I and we would spend all day watching the Universal monsters along with all the giant atomic bugs and sci-fi films in a theatre filled with nothing but screaming kids. I can also remember my grandmother taking me to see “Horrors of the Black Museum” and waking up with nightmares! Back then going to the movies was an event.

Over the years I never lost my love for classic horror and sci-fi films. So with that in mind, I thought I would start this podcast and talk about the films I love. Over the years we have built a great community of people from around the globe. Some I have met and found that they are fantastic people.

So I hope you enjoy the podcast!

Vince Rotolo

Jul 23, 2019

The B-Movie Cast is back and this time we’re taking on a real Turkish delight… “3 Dev Adam”. This film (also known as “3 Giant Men” and “The Turkish Spiderman”) is a real doozy! Someone forgot to tell Turkey that most of the world recognizes copyright law. So Turkey’s film industry has a bit of a reputation for ripping off western hit films… think “Turkish Star Wars”, “Turkish Rambo”, etc.…

In this cinematic spectacle, Spiderman isn’t your friendly neighborhood teen hero. He’s a sadistic arch-criminal who, along with his sadistic girlfriend Nadja, is murdering everyone he can while running an extremely overly complicated criminal smuggling/counterfeiting ring. Only the combined forces of Mexico’s greatest hero: Santo, America’s greatest hero: Captain America, and, because they needed a third person… Captain America’s girlfriend Julia, can stop Spiderman before he kills even more innocent people.

Join Mary, Nic, and Juan as they take a bite out of crime with this Turkish superhero film!